C.J.O Group Pty Ltd was formed in January 2008 when John Richardson and Karl Esterhuizen restructured the companies P M Cork Electrical Pty Ltd, J Herbert Jones  Pty Ltd  and Walter Oakes Instrument Co Pty Ltd to incorporate all companies under one
P.M Cork & Co Pty Ltd was formed in February 1971 trading as a partnership for 3 years and becoming incorporated in 1974.
John and Karl purchased this company in  1998  after being long term employees.
 P.M Cork Electrical Pty Ltd was an electrical contracting company who had always specialised in the installation, maintenance and repair of plant and equipment in  the  general manufacturing and commercial sectors.
Walter Oakes Instrument Co Pty Ltd  specialised in industrial Temperature Control. The company was established in 1958 and very well known and respected by the  industry  and enabled us to diversify into other areas and expand our service to our customers.
 J Herbert Jones Pty Ltd was an electrical contracting company that was established in 1947 and located close to the C.B.D at Chippendale. 

They specialised in  electrical  service, particularly the footwear and food industry. The purchase of this company allowed us to further expand our expertise and services whilst still  maintaining personal  contact with our other customers.
C.J.O Group Pty Ltd provides electrical services to a wide range of large, medium and small companies in the manufacturing sector. These companies carry out their   manufacturing in the Textile, Metal, Timber, Plastics, Rubber, Chemical, Glass and Food processing  as well as many other industries.
 We also service schools and   commercial clients.
Our involvement with the manufacturing industry is a long and diverse one in which we have extensive experience in sophisticated industrial machinery.

Our service personnel have either had training overseas at the principal’s training facility or received training conducted by the principal’s technicians in Australia.

At The CJO group we know  that the right product and price are important BUT it is the Service you will remember     

Our Services

        24 Hour Emergency Service
         Electrical Contractors & Technicians
         Elements & Heating Equipment
        Industrial Installation & Maintenance
         Commercial Installation & Maintenance
         Instrumentation Installation
         Lighting Installations & Repairs
         Lighting Design
         Office Fitouts & Alterations
         PLC’s Systems
          Process Control
         Control Panels Built to Specification or Designed to Order
         Power Monitoring Surveys
         Power Factor Correction Supply and Repairs
         Sensors:- Inductive, Photo Electric & Temperature
         Strata Maintenance Programmed & Callout Services
         Switchboards Upgraded or Replaced
         Temperature Controllers, Sensors & Transmitters
         Thermocouples and RTD Probes
         Thermographic & Thermoscan Reporting
         Testing & Tagging of All Industrial & Commercial Situations
         Uninterpretable Power Supplies (UPS)